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Shushan Postmaster

Here's the story of the Shushan Postmaster, a local fishing fly, as told in the video series, Battenkill Inspired: The Flow of Creativity, Ingenuity, & the River (2017-2018). This 30-part series was based on the exhibition, Battenkill Inspired, on view in the Folklife Gallery, January to June 30, 2015. I also told the story of this fishing fly in my editor's column for Voices: The Journal of New York Folklore, Spring-Summer 2016, Volume 42:1-2.

A red and gold Legends & Lore marker (via William C. Pomeroy Foundation and New York Folklore in 2018) can be found in the center of the hamlet of Shushan (Washington County, New York) commemorating the Shushan Postmaster and the folks connected to it. It reads: "Shushan Postmaster. A streamer fishing fly created in 1953 by Lew Oatman as a tribute to Al Prindle, Shushan's postmaster & a muse of Norman Rockwell."


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