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Riverbowl III

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

We're very excited to announce our most recent acquisition for our permanent Folk Art Collection – Riverbowl III by Serena Kovalosky of Whitehall, Washington County, NY.

We have placed it on display in the Folklife Center's Research Room, available for view during regular hours, MTWTh 9 to noon, 1 to 7; FSa 9 to noon, 1 to 5.

Riverbowl III by Serena Kovalosky, 2022. Photo credit:

Serena Kovalosky was one of the local artists who shared her work in our 2015 Folklife Gallery exhibition, Battenkill Inspired, and then was later featured in one of our 30 mini-documentary videos, Battenkill Inspired: The Flow of Creativity, Ingenuity, and the River, hosted on our website and on YouTube:

We've always wanted one of Serena's unique sculptures, a carved and wood-burned dried gourd with gilding. So back in 2020 we were finally able to commission a piece, giving her total creative freedom, with the only guideline being it to be inspired by the Battenkill. During her 3 months of work on Riverbowl III, Serena journaled her creative process, and shared it on Facebook. Now that it's finished and delivered, she's posted that entire journal on her Blog, and has given us permission to share it here:

Be sure to watch for more posts about our Folk Art Collection, and for our new project, Folk Arts All Around Us, an evolving exhibition found throughout Crandall Pubic Library.

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