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Folklife After Hours Presents Suffrage Singer!

"Set Your Daughters Free" (1912)

Lyrics: Eugenie M. Raye-Smith, Tune: "Wait for the Wagon" traditional


Oh, New York with your pride of wealth and luxury untold,

What, prize you not a woman's worth as greater more than gold?

A mighty call now echoes for you from sea to sea,

Oh, leader of the Union, come set your daughters free!


We're waiting for New York,

Waiting for New York,

Waiting for the Empire State to set her daughters free!


We do not wish to shame you, but lo! we're at the gate!

Our Westerns sisters entered, but you seem bound to wait;

We've always thought your wisdom our guide through life should be,

Now must we try to doubt it? No, set your daughters free!



Together on life's journey should man and woman ride,

So grant them equal suffrage and they'll travel side by side;

We look to you New York, in this our champion to be;

The rend the chains of custom and set your daughters free!


Songs featured in the concert

02:22 "Give the Ballot to the Mothers" Lyrics: Rebecca Naylor Hazard, Tune "Marching Through Georgia"

06:19 "Set Your Daughters Free" Lyrics: Eugenie Raye-Smith, Tune "Wait for the Wagon"

11:01 "How Can Such Things Be" Lyrics: Eugenie Raye-Smith, Tune "Oh, Susannah"

14:09 "Bring It To Pass In the Year" Lyrics: Eugenie Raye-Smith, Tune "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean"

17:23 "Keep Woman In Her Sphere" Lyrics: Experience Estabrook, Tune: "Auld Lang Syne"

20:35 "Winning the Vote" Lyrics: Estelle Turrell Smith, Tune: "Not For Joseph", Arthur Lloyd

24:10 "Bread and Roses" Lyrics: James Oppenheim, Tune by Mimi Farina c1974

29:08 "Arise! Brave Woman!" Lyrics: Nannie Parker, Tune "Battle Hymn of the Republic/ John Brown's Body"

If you are interested in more about these songs, visit the artists website & blog:


Tisha Dolton is Librarian/Historian at The Folklife Center at Crandall Public Library in Glens Falls, NY. Her areas of interest are suffrage music, suffragists of Warren and Washington Counties, local women and minority populations, and embroidery.

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