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Drawn to Folklife: An Illustrated Tour

Folklife Center staff (Kevin Rogan, Erica Gonyea, Tisha Dolton, Todd DeGarmo) by Christopher Baldwin

The video animation below is our love letter to Christopher Baldwin.

Christopher is a talented cartoonist and graphic novelist, who wholeheartedly supported our idea to animate the Folklife Center chapter in his graphic novel, Glens Falls: A Story Showcasing the Artist and Historical Resources of a Small Town in Upstate New York (2019). In 2015-2016 he visited nine organizations, recording and transcribing interviews, editing down, fact-checking, and drawing the graphic novel that grew from 50 pages to 115. He calls the novel his "love letter to the town" with a devotion and enthusiasm for the arts.


The Folklife Center at Crandall Public Library can be accessed 24/7:

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For more information about Christopher Baldwin:

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