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Balsam in the Adirondacks

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Today begins a new series of video documentaries called From the Archives, highlighting years of work documenting the folklife and traditions of our region. This first episode, describing balsam beds, cures, Christmas trees and souvenir pillows, is based on my grant-funded research from 1986 to 1994 that led to the creation of the Folklife Center. These photographs, interviews, notes, writings, research and program files continued to be archived at the Folklife Center.

For more information:

Adirondack Balsam Pillows: Folk Art, Tourist Art, or Subsistence by Todd DeGarmo, in the special issue, Folk Arts in New York State: A Public Forum. Journal of the New York Folklore Society, Summer-Fall 1989, Volume 15, No. 3-4

Balsam Traditions (a poster series) by Todd DeGarmo. Adirondack Museum and Crandall Library, 1992. Includes 5 thematic posters: Balsam Bed, Balsam Cures, Christmas Trees, Balsam Bee, Souvenirs. for an assortment of balsam pillows and balsam covers that are part of the Folklife Center’s permanent folk art collection.


Todd DeGarmo, founding director, The Folklife Center at Crandall Public Library, 518-792-6508 x237.

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