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Musical Monday: The Slocan Ramblers Belt Out a Bluegrass Medley

The Slocan Ramblers played our Live! Folklife Concert series on April 27, 2017, and more than lived up to their reputation as one of Canada’s most talented bluegrass groups. Enjoy this never before seen video from that night’s show, in which the guys perform “I’m Coming Back But I Don’t Know When” and ”Wild Bill Jones.”

The Slocan Ramblers are Canada’s young bluegrass band to watch. Rooted in tradition, fearlessly creative and possessing a bold, dynamic sound, The Slocans (Frank Evans/banjo, Adrian Gross/mandolin, Darryl Poulsen/guitar, Alastair Whitehead/bass) have quickly become a leading light of Canada’s roots music scene. With a reputation for energetic live shows, impeccable musicianship and an uncanny ability to convert anyone within earshot into a lifelong fan, The Slocans understand that if you polish up the music, you lose the raw excitement that makes it so vibrant. On their sophomore album, Coffee Creek (2015), The Slocan Ramblers blend lightning fast and devilishly intricate instrumentals with sawdust-thick vocals. In the liner notes, producer Chris Coole breaks it down: “What really impressed me while we were working on this album, was that, while they can pull off the precision and virtuosity that is at the backbone of bluegrass, they understand the power of the fragile moment in music.” On Coffee Creek, they’ve done this by staying true to the rough and rowdy roots of the music.

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