It's No Cinch! Local Girls Pose for National Magazine

It was the dream of many a person in 1943, to be photographed by Harold Rhodenbaugh (1901-1951), and Betty Truxell. The LOOK Magazine photographers were in town to showcase our city of 19,000 people as Hometown, USA. Harriette Anne Whipple & Catherine Ann Carswell were two of the lucky young ladies to be chosen to pose for the popular magazine. Harriette even got to write about her experience in the local newspaper. The Post-Star (Glens Falls, NY) October 8, 1943 DUTY TO CITY, 2 MODELS SAY ------ But It's No Cinch, Aver Girls Posing for Look Magazine Series ------ By HARRIETTE WHIPPLE You're sitting on a dock post about as big as grandfather's pocket watch. You look behind you and there loo

Taking a LOOK at the Hometown USA Color Slide Collection

Back in the beginning of 2020, I was approached to revisit our slide show presentation of Hometown, USA as a complimentary program to the Chapman Museum's exhibition: LET’S ALL FIGHT, The Linc Cathers Collection of WWII Home Front Posters. Well, COVID-19 forced many changes upon us. The Chapman did mount their exhibit, but few could visit, so it is currently showing online where you can view it now over your morning coffee while still in your pajamas. My slide show was rescheduled from May to August.... Luckily for me, Don Metivier, Bruce Cole, and Erica Gonyea had already created various "scripts" for the slide show. All I needed to do was rework it a bit to make it my own. Oh, & ask Kevin

Suffragists in Warren County, NY

If you are in the Glens Falls, NY area before Labor Day, please stop by the Warren County Historical Society & take a look at their exhibitions. The museum is free & open Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM this August. The flagship exhibit, Warren County 360° is on permanent display & my co-curated exhibit, in conjunction with the Old Fort House Museum & featuring dioramas by educator Cindy Whitman, Woman Suffrage in Warren and Washington Counties: 1883-1917 is on display until the end of August. If, for some reason, you cannot make it, or you are finding this post after August 2020, here is a pretty big taste of the Warren County portion, at least. The yellow panels in the exhibit

Pandemic! Florence D. Wilmarth and the Glens Falls Club of College Women

Before the pandemic hit, I was in the throws of curating two sister exhibitions. I did manage to get both of them up right before NY shutdown for four months, but because both exhibitions are on display in Phase 4 organizations (one in a museum, one here in the Folklife Center) very few people have seen them. Therefore with my first few blog posts, I will be discussing & sharing my exhibitions with you. "Beyond Suffrage: Women’s Clubs in Greater Glens Falls, NY" uses collections, documents, records, books, objects, and ephemera held in the archives and special collections in the Folklife Center at Crandall Public Library in Glens Falls, NY to touch on the women's club movement locally (but m

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